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St Swithun, Grovelands Road, Purley

On a hillside on the west side of the Brighton Road. There are two buildings here. On the higher ground is what is now the church hall built in 1929 and designed by S. Jupp. Below it is a church of 1954 designed By D.E. Nye and Partners. This is on the site of a church by N.F. Cachemaille-Day which was left incomplete at the outbreak of WW2 and largely demolished to enable this building to be constructed. A window and plaque commemorate two churches in Greenwich destroyed in the war and whose compensation sums paid for this building. The hall is shown in the last 2 images.

St Saviour, Middle Park Avenue, Eltham

One of the earliest Modern Movement church buildings dating from 1932-1933. It looms, bulky and grey over the surrounding streets of two storey houses. The architects were Welch, Lander and Nugent Cachemaile-Day. Inside there are blue slit windows above the altar and brick and concrete fittings including the reredos, pulpit and font. There is also a small side chapel with dalle de verre glass.

All Saints and St Stephen Former), Surrey Square, Walworth now Church of the Lord (Aldura)

A replacement for a bombed 19th-century church by N.F. Cachemaille-Day dating from 1959. It closed in 1975 and was taken on by the Church of the Lord in 1977.

St Philip and St Mark, Avondale Square, Bermondsey

On the edge of a square of 1960s housing, the church, which is one of N.F. Cachemaile-day’s last dating from 1963, replaced a church of 1875 destroyed in WW2, although the hall survived next door.


St Paul (Former), Dollis Hill Lane, Dollis Hill (now Maharashta Mandal London)

Like the nearby Roman Catholic church this building is high above the road. It was built in 1939 by N.F. Cachemaile_Day but was made redundant and from 1989 became a Hindu cultural centre. Since redundancy it has lost its east window.


All Saints, Uxbridge Road, Hanworth

On the eastern side of Hanworth Park. A church by N.F. Cachemaile_day. The Lady Chapel and baptistery date from 1951-52, the main body of the church and circular section were built in 1957.


St Stephen, Parkside Road, Hounslow

In residential streets near Hounslow Station, some way from the town centre. This is a church of 1875-76 by Habershon & Pite to which a large tower was added in 1935 by N.F. Cachemaile-Day.

St Paul, Corbins Lane, South Harrow

A striking building of 1937-38 by N.F. Cachemaille-Day. The huge stained glass windows are by Christopher Webb. The west end has been divided off to provide meeting rooms etc.

                south_harrow_st_paul190116_25  south_harrow_st_paul190116_24
 south_harrow_st_paul190116_2  south_harrow_st_paul190116_6
 south_harrow_st_paul190116_20  south_harrow_st_paul190116_17
 south_harrow_st_paul190116_15  south_harrow_st_paul190116_12
 south_harrow_st_paul190116_9  south_harrow_st_paul190116_5
 south_harrow_st_paul190116_1  south_harrow_st_paul190116_13
 south_harrow_st_paul190116_3  south_harrow_st_paul190116_11
 south_harrow_st_paul190116_21  south_harrow_st_paul190116_22

St Anselm, Uppingham Avenue, Belmont

Built 1938-41 reusing the pillars and windows from the demolished St Anselm, Davies Street in Mayfair. The architect was N.F.Cachemaille-Day.

                 belmont_st_anselm130915_39  belmont_st_anselm130915_43
 belmont_st_anselm130915_45 belmont_st_anselm130915_47
 belmont_st_anselm130915_6  belmont_st_anselm130915_27
 belmont_st_anselm130915_  belmont_st_anselm130915_2
 belmont_st_anselm130915_28  belmont_st_anselm130915_21
 belmont_st_anselm130915_3  belmont_st_anselm130915_25
 belmont_st_anselm130915_26  belmont_st_anselm130915_13
 belmont_st_anselm130915_35  belmont_st_anselm130915_14
 belmont_st_anselm130915_42  belmont_st_anselm130915_11
 belmont_st_anselm130915_17  belmont_st_anselm130915_33
 belmont_st_anselm130915_15  belmont_st_anselm130915_31

St James, Park Hill/Briarwood Road, Clapham Park

Lying between the two streets above this is a church of 1958 by N.F.Cachemaille-Day replacing a church of 1829 destroyed in WW2.

clapham_park_st_james291114_1  clapham_park_st_james291114_31
 clapham_park_st_james291114_2  clapham_park_st_james291114_13
 clapham_park_st_james291114_26  clapham_park_st_james291114_21
 clapham_park_st_james291114_14  clapham_park_st_james291114_4
 clapham_park_st_james291114_17  clapham_park_st_james291114_25
 clapham_park_st_james291114_27  clapham_park_st_james291114_11