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St Mary, Grafton Road, Becontree

Built in 1934-35 by Welch, Cachemaile-Day and Lander in a curious 1930s version of gothic.

becontree_st_mary130213_1  becontree_st_mary130213_3
 becontree_st_mary130213_2  becontree_st_mary130213_

St Laurence, Woodford Avenue, Barkingside

By N.F. Cachemaille-Day 1939-40, deep in suburbia.

gants_hill_st_laurence280113_5  gants_hill_st_laurence280113_4
 gants_hill_st_laurence280113_2  gants_hill_st_laurence280113_
 gants_hill_st_laurence280113_3  gants_hill_st_laurence280113_1

St John, Hackney

By James Spiller 1791-94, restored after fire in 1955 by N.F. Cachemaile-Day and William C. Lock

  hackney_st_john221112_4 hackney_st_john111212_
 hackney_st_john221112_2  hackney_st_john221112_1
 hackney_st_john221112_    hackney_st_john141213_
 hackney_st_john141213_8  hackney_st_john141213_20
 hackney_st_john141213_16  hackney_st_john141213_1
 hackney_st_john141213_22  hackney_st_john141213_12
 hackney_st_john141213_13  hackney_st_john141213_5
 hackney_st_john141213_7  hackney_st_john141213_17