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London Churches in Photograph’s aim is to show pictures of the wealth of churches in London. It is a long-term project, begun in 2012, as there are around 1500 such buildings across the whole of Greater London.

As of 4 Nov 2019, there are 1482 churches featured.

Most are Church of England, Roman Catholic or Orthodox but there are also some that have passed to other groups or into non-religious use. A few buildings of particular interest belonging to other groups, such as national churches (e.g. Denmark, Sweden and Scotland) are also included.

Many churches are kept locked and for those, there are only exterior shots. Where possible there is a selection of internal shots to try to give a flavour of the building.  Each posting also has some basic information about the church and its architecture.

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I am visiting Croydon, the final borough, during late 2019.

The map of Greater London shows which areas of London have coverage in this ongoing project. Click on the map to make it bigger.

St Augustine, Kilburn, by John Loughborough Pearson,
possibly the finest 19th-century church in London

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I would like to acknowledge and thank incumbents, churchwardens, PCCs, church watchers, administrators and key holders who offer access to many of the buildings outside service times.

I am more than happy for any church to use my images on their websites, publicity or publications (with an acknowledgement to this site). The images here are low resolution, suitable for use on the web but not for print. Please contact me if you would like to use or see higher resolution images. This site is totally non-commercial, occasionally I am invited to speak to groups about church architecture and will do so in return for a charitable donation.