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London Churches -useful resources

Architects & Places

This project would not be possible without these books and websites:


The Buildings of England London volumes (1-6)
London 1; City of London Simon Bradley. Yale University Press, 1997

London 2 :South Bridget Cherry. Yale University Press, 1983

London 3: North West Bridget Cherry, Nikolaus Pevsner. Yale University Press, 1991

London 4: North Bridget Cherry, Nikolaus Pevsner. Yale University Press, 1998

London 5: East Bridget Cherry, Charles O’Brien, Nikolaus Pevsner. Yale University Press, 2005

London 6: Westminster Simon Bradley, Nikolaus Pevsner. Yale University Press, 2003

Anglican Church-building in London 1915-1945 Michael Yelton and John Salmon. Spire Books, 2007

Anglican Church-building in London 1946-2012 Michael Yelton and John Salmon. Spire Books, 2013

London’s Parish Churches. John Leonard. Spire Books, 2011

Parish Churches of Greater London. Michael Hodges, Heritage of London Trust, 2015.

Parish Churches of London. Basil F.L. Clarke. Batsford, 1966


London Diocese Church Finder Church finder for the Church of England parishes South of the Thames, except for south-east London and a few in the south-west in Guildford Diocese.

Southwark Diocese Church Finder Church finder for the Church of England parishes South of the Thames, except for south-east London and a few in the south-west in Guildford Diocese.

Unfortunately, the Dioceses of Chelmsford and Rochester no longer have simple directories of their churches since the last revamp of the website “A church near you”.

Archdiocese of Westminster parishes Parish finder for the Roman Catholic Diocese of Westminster (covers North London)

Diocese of Brentwood parishes Parish finder for the Roman Catholic Diocese of Brentwood (covers East London)

Archdiocese of Southwark parishes Parish finder for the Roman Catholic Diocese of Southwark (covers South London)

Taking Stock – Catholic churches of England and Wales  A joint English Heritage/Roman Catholic church website


  1. Great website. I have been photographing churches for about 7years now and have done well over a thousand, most in London but also around the country when I have petrol money. Did 10 more today! Keep up the good work. I haven’t yet put any photos on the web, being more keen while I have the energy to get more churches done! Best wishes from Robin.

  2. James Guppy says:

    This is an excellent site – discovered it quite by accident but it’s been invaluable!

  3. man-thinking says:

    St John the Divine Earlsfield SW17 is by Arthur Young, Must have been one of his last given the date (c1924). Very modest. Suspect finished by his business partner Allan Douglas Reid.

  4. John says:

    Thank you for providing such a wonderful resource.
    I became interested in stained glass in particular through attending the Ecclesiastical Architecture Group of the Hillingdon U3A. Earlier this week we visited st Andrews, Roxbourne which contains a range of high quality stained glass windows by Max Nauta, several of which you have photographed.
    I found this website while trying to find information on the architects Farey and Adams. We were told that Farey is portrayed in one of the windows. I will send you a photograph if you wish.
    A search for Farey designed churches on your website does not reveal St Andrews.
    It appears that Farey died a couple of years before the church was built, and Nauta in the year it opened.
    Best wishes…

    • zoothorn says:

      Thanks for your comments. St Andrew iss a great church and the windows are marvellous. I did photograph all the windows but only posted up a selection, but I wasn’t aware that Farey was portrayed in one, I’d be interested to see which it is. I checked on the indexing and a search for Fary did bring the church up but I have added Cyril Farey as an index term so that it does come up with the earlier buildings he designed on his own. Farey died around 1955 so I don’t know how much of the design is his and how much is “Adams”, about whom I know little. I was lucky enough to visitr some Dutch churches last year and see some earlier and larger Nauta windows.

      • John says:

        To check that the representation in Nauta’s window was indeed of Farey rather than Adams, say, I did much web searching to find an image of Farey. What I eventually found is this interesting mini biography of Farey http://beyondarchitecturalillustration.blogspot.co.uk/2014/12/inspiration-cyril-farey.html .
        This has helped reassure me that it is indeed Farey holding the lamb in the nativity scene.
        Max Nauta’s work appears to be poorly covered on the web; I would be interested to see any related information/photographs that you have. Perhaps you could email me directly and I can exchange my photograph of the nativity scene ( possibly more detailed than your photograph of the whole window ).

  5. Stephen says:

    Fantastic site for church photos in London. Think you might perhaps add a link to the GENUKI church database (https://www.genuki.org.uk/churchdb) for reference purposes. It was when looking at local pages of that database (in 2015) and finding that many had no photos that I started my own project to photograph London churches (exteriors only). I have submitted several hundred photos to the Genuki database (including also nonconformist churches and synagogues and mosques etc) and may have submitted some that complement what you have here. (I have now stopped the project, as it was getting too time consuming and too far to travel.) That site also has useful data for genealogists relating to the records of the churches (covering the whole of the UK and Ireland) and is the product of collaborative work by many others than me. If I had found your site in 2015 I might, of course, not have bothered with my project ! Anyway browsing some of your pages brought back many happy memories. From one foot-sore photographer to another: congratulations !

  6. Phil says:

    You might also like to add a link to another facebook group collecting together historical photos of lost churches. Its URL is https://www.facebook.com/groups/874029602719984
    Also the Southwark Anglican link is even better at https://southwark.anglican.org/find-a-church/
    This site also includes historical and architectural information as well as pages of stuff on the former churches in the diocese.

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