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St Mary Abchurch, Abchurch Lane, City of London

A domed church by Wren 1681-86, damaged in WW2 and restored by Godfrey Allen 1945-57.

city_st_mary_abchurch110114_ city_st_mary_abchurch110114_4
 city_st_mary_abchurch110114_3     city_st_mary_abchurchr060214_3
 city_st_mary_abchurch191214_14  city_st_mary_abchurch191214_18
 city_st_mary_abchurch191214_15  city_st_mary_abchurch191214_28

St Giles Cripplegate, Barbican, City of London

In the heart of the Barbican development, but predating it by over 400 years. It was built 1545-50, badly damaged in WW2 and rebuilt by Godfrey Allen, opening in 1960.

city_st_giles_cripplegate110114_  city_st_giles_cripplegate110114_1
 city_st_giles_cripplegate110114_4  city_st_giles_cripplegate110114_6
 city_st_giles_cripplegate140114_13  city_st_giles_cripplegate140114_4

St Bride, Fleet Street, City of London

Thanks to its “wedding cake” steeple one of the best known churches in the City. A Christopher Wren design,It dates from 1691-98, with the steeple added 1701-03. It was burnt out in 1941 and restored 1955-57 by Godfrey Allen. The crypt is also the home of an interesting museum about the city and the earlier history of the church.

city_st_bride_fleet_street110114_ city_st_bride_fleet_street110114_10
 city_st_bride_fleet_street110114_11  city_st_bride_fleet_street110114_5
 city_st_bride_fleet_street110114_3  city_st_bride_fleet_street110114_9

St Paul’s Cathedral, City of London

Sir Christopher Wren’s masterpiece and one of London’s symbols. Built after the Great fire had destroyed the much restored medieval cathedral. construction began in 1675 and was completed by 1711. In WW2 there was restoration by Godfrey Allen after bombing of the choir and north transept. There are many, mainly military, monuments from 1790 onwards in the nave  (the Wellington monument is shown below) and transepts and many more to a wider variety of people in the crypt. Although Nelson and  Wellington are interred there. The inside of the dome was painted by Sir James Thornhill between 1716-1720.  At the crossing and  east end mosaics dating from 1864 to 1904 were added to the ceilings, designed by William Blake Richmond and the spandrels by G.F, Watts and Alfred Stevens. The baldacchino over the altar dates from the post war restoration.  The choir stalls  and organ case were carved by Grinling Gibbons.

  st_pauls_cathedral_city_of_london190111_59 st_pauls_cathedral_city_of_london190111_63
 st_pauls_cathedral_city_of_london190111_60  st_pauls_cathedral_city_of_london190111_58