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The Holy Cross, The Slade, Plumstead Common

Built in 1950 by Archard, Worrow & Hardy and originally intended to be a church hall. At first sight it looks like a bungalow and faces across a ravine in Plumstead Common.

St Francis de Sales, High Road, Tottenham

Over the road from Tottenham Hotspur’s White Hart Lane ground. It was built in 1895 to designs by Sinnott, Sinnott and Powell, a new sanctuary was added in 1966-67 by Archard and Partners.


Our Lady of Victories, High Street, Kensington (Roman Catholic)

Just behind the west end of Kensington’s shopping area. It is a large church of 1955-58 by Adrian Scott. The north east chapel is by Archard & Partners.

               kensington_our_lady_of_victories_rc170316_20  kensington_our_lady_of_victories_rc170316_18
 kensington_our_lady_of_victories_rc170316_1  kensington_our_lady_of_victories_rc170316_17
 kensington_our_lady_of_victories_rc170316_14  kensington_our_lady_of_victories_rc170316_9
 kensington_our_lady_of_victories_rc170316_12  kensington_our_lady_of_victories_rc170316_2
 kensington_our_lady_of_victories_rc170316_15  kensington_our_lady_of_victories_rc170316_4
 kensington_our_lady_of_victories_rc170316_8  kensington_our_lady_of_victories_rc170316_7
 kensington_our_lady_of_victories_rc170316_10  kensington_our_lady_of_victories_rc170316_16

Our Lady of the Angels, Bexley Road, Erith (Roman Catholic)

Part of a Capuchin Fathers monastery between Erith and Northumberland Heath well west of Erith town centre. It dates from 1963 and is a design of 1963 by Archard and Partners.

erith_our_lady_of_the_angels_rc020114_9  erith_our_lady_of_the_angels_rc020114_10

St John the Baptist, King Edwards Road, Hackney (Roman Catholic)

A replacement of a war damaged church. It is by Archard and Partners dating from 1956.

south_hackney_st_john_rc161113_1  south_hackney_st_john_rc161113_4

St John Vianney, West Green (Roman Catholic)

Designed by John Archard and Partners and built in 1959.

  tottenham_st_john_vianey_rc120913_2  tottenham_st_john_vianey_rc120913_1
 tottenham_st_john_vianey_rc120913_3 tottenham_st_john_vianey_rc120913_