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St John the Evangelist, Stratheden Road, Blackheath

To the north of the actual heath and village, this church was built in 1852-53 by Arthur Ashpitel Inside the western end of the nave is divided off for rooms and offices.

St Mary the Virgin, Ilford

The nave is by James Savage 1829-31, the tower added by Arthur Ashpitel in 1865-66. The unmatched chancel was added 1919-20 by Edwin T. Dunn and a south chapel by J. Harold Gibbons 1928-29.

ilford_st_mary070213_1  ilford_st_mary070213_5
 ilford_st_mary070213_3  ilford_st_mary070213_4
 ilford_st_mary070213_2  ilford_st_mary070213_

St Peter, Aldborough Road, Aldborough

Fields to the north and suburbia to the south. A small church of 1863 by Arthur Ashpitel.

aldborough_church280113_6  aldborough_church280113_1
 aldborough_church280113_  aldborough_church280113_4
       aldborough_hatch_st_peter210913_16  aldborough_hatch_st_peter210913_4
 aldborough_hatch_st_peter210913_10  aldborough_hatch_st_peter210913_12
 aldborough_hatch_st_peter210913_2  aldborough_hatch_st_peter210913_13

St Barnabas, Homerton High Street

By Arthur Ashpitel 1843-52.

homerton_st_barnabas221112_2  homerton_st_barnabas221112_1
 homerton_st_barnabas221112_   homerton_st_barnabas211113_6