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Tyburn Convent Chapel (Shrine of the Sacred Heart and Tyburn Martyrs), Hyde Park Place, Bayswater Road, Bayswater (Roman Catholic)

The current building is by F.G. Broadbent and dates from 1958-1962, based on H.S. Goodhart-Rendel’s designs. The chapel is divided by a grille between the lay nave and the nun’s sanctuary area.

Christ Church, Lancaster Gate, Bayswater (Former)

All that remains is the tower and spire joined to a development of 1983. The church was by F. & H. Francis and dates from 1854-55.

bayswater160216_ bayswater160216_1

Our Lady Queen of Heaven, Queensway, Bayswater (Roman Catholic)

Built in 1865 for Methodists, it became a Roman Catholic church in 1954. The church is at first floor level and accessed via staircases from the street level doors.

bayswater_our_lady_queen_of_heaven_rc090214_  bayswater_our_lady_queen_of_heaven_rc090214_1

St Matthew, St Petersburgh Place, Bayswater

A huge church of 1881-82 by J. Johnson. The interior is relatively little changed with a shallow chancel and a big western gallery.

  bayswater_st_matthew090214_5  bayswater_st_matthew090214_2

St Sophia Greek Orthodox cathedral, Moscow Road, bayswater

Not far north of Kensington Gardens. An impressive domed church designed by John Oldrid Scott, 1877, and a cathedral since 1932

bayswater_st_sophia_greek_orthodox_cathedral090214_3  bayswater_st_sophia_greek_orthodox_cathedral090214_2
 bayswater_st_sophia_greek_orthodox_cathedral090214_9  bayswater_st_sophia_greek_orthodox_cathedral090214_14
 bayswater_st_sophia_greek_orthodox_cathedral090214_10  bayswater_st_sophia_greek_orthodox_cathedral090214_12
 bayswater_st_sophia_greek_orthodox_cathedral090214_13  bayswater_st_sophia_greek_orthodox_cathedral090214_6