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St Peter, Werrington Road, Becontree (now Forward in Faith Ministries International)

Built as a temporary Anglican church by Edward Meredith in 1931. The brick built east end was added in 1958-59 and designed by J.J. Crowe. It was made redundant and taken over by the Zimbabwean Forward in Faith Ministries International.

  becontree_st_peter_former210213_3  becontree_st_peter_former210213_
becontree_st_peter_former210213_1 becontree_st_peter_former210213_4

St Cedd, Lodge Avenue, Becontree

By Thompson & Whitehead, dating from 1964. It replaced a church built in the 1930s.

St Alban, Becontree

In the west of the Becontree estate near the station of that name. It was designed by Milner & Craze and built in 1933-34. probably the most striking of the estate’s churches.

St Peter, Goresbrook Road, Becontree (Roman Catholic)

Opposite St Martin in the south-east corner of Becontree, designed by W.C. Mangan and built in 1937. The more recent stained glass is awkward to photograph well as it is inside the locked repository.

St Martin, Becontree

In the south east of Becontree opposite St Peter’s Roman Catholic church.It dates from 1931-32 and was designed by J.E. Newberry and C.W.Fowler.


Holy Family, Oxlow Lane, Becontree (Roman Catholic)

Built in 1934 by W.C. Mangan

  becontree_holy_family_rc130213_1  becontree_holy_family_rc130213_

St George, Rogers Road, Becontree

On the east side of the estate, by Milner and Craze 1935.

   becontree_st_george130213_3  becontree_st_george130213_2
 becontree_st_george130213_  becontree_st_george130213_1

St Elisabeth, Wood Lane, Becontree

In the centre of the estate, dating from 1931-32 by Sir Charles Nicholson.

St Mary, Grafton Road, Becontree

Built in 1934-35 by Welch, Cachemaile-Day and Lander in a curious 1930s version of gothic.

becontree_st_mary130213_1  becontree_st_mary130213_3
 becontree_st_mary130213_2  becontree_st_mary130213_

St Thomas, Burnside Road, Becontree

The first Anglican church on the estate, from 1926-27 by Arthur C. Blomfield.