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St Mary Magdalene, North Worple Way, Mortlake (Roman Catholic)

Hidden away down a driveway in a back street near the railway line. It dates from 1852 and is by Gilbert Blount. The church hides Mortlake Roman Catholic Cemetery where architects J.F. Bentley, Leonard Stokes and Henry Clutton are buried. It also features the stone tent memorial to explorer Sir Richard Burton.

 mortlake_st_mary_magdelene_rc121016_36  mortlake_st_mary_magdelene_rc121016_35
 mortlake_st_mary_magdelene_rc121016_34  mortlake_st_mary_magdelene_rc121016_27
 mortlake_st_mary_magdelene_rc121016_  mortlake_st_mary_magdelene_rc121016_22
 mortlake_st_mary_magdelene_rc121016_18  mortlake_st_mary_magdelene_rc121016_25
 mortlake_st_mary_magdelene_rc121016_10  mortlake_st_mary_magdelene_rc121016_7
 mortlake_st_mary_magdelene_rc121016_6  mortlake_st_mary_magdelene_rc121016_4
 mortlake_st_mary_magdelene_rc121016_1  mortlake_st_mary_magdelene_rc121016_5
 mortlake_st_mary_magdelene_rc121016_13  mortlake_st_mary_magdelene_rc121016_14
 mortlake_st_mary_magdelene_rc121016_26  mortlake_st_mary_magdelene_rc121016_24
 mortlake_st_mary_magdelene_rc121016_33  mortlake_st_mary_magdelene_rc121016_31

Our Lady of Dolours, Egerton Gardens, Hendon (Roman Catholic)

Built in 1863 and designed by Gilbert Blount, in 1927 its orientation was reversed and a new chancel and transepts built to designs by T.H.B. Scott.

 hendon_our_lady_of_dolours_rc050215_  hendon_our_lady_of_dolours_rc050215_8
 hendon_our_lady_of_dolours_rc050215_9  hendon_our_lady_of_dolours_rc050215_6
 hendon_our_lady_of_dolours_rc050215_17  hendon_our_lady_of_dolours_rc050215_14
 hendon_our_lady_of_dolours_rc050215_11  hendon_our_lady_of_dolours_rc050215_7

Our Lady and St Catherine, Bow Road, Bow (Roman Catholic)

Over the road from the Anglican Bow Church. It was formerly a convent church. Designed by Gilbert Blount in 1869-70. The transept was added in 1882 by A.E. Purdie.

  bow_our_lady_and_st_catherine_rc071113_7  bow_our_lady_and_st_catherine_rc071113_4
 bow_our_lady_and_st_catherine_rc071113_  bow_our_lady_and_st_catherine_rc071113_3

St Anne, Underwood Road, Spitalfields (Roman Catholic)

Built as part of a complex in 1853-55 by Gilbert Blount, with the east end completed in 1894.

spitalfields_st_anne_rc051013_ 13 (3) spitalfields_st_anne_rc051013_ 13 (4)
 spitalfields_st_anne_rc051013_ 13 (8)  spitalfields_st_anne_rc051013_ 13 (5)
 spitalfields_st_anne_rc051013_ 13 (9)  spitalfields_st_anne_rc051013_ 13 (6)

St Nicholas, Gladding Road, Manor Park (Roman Catholic)

Apse end on to the road, with a nursery in the lower storey this is a church of 1869-70 by Gilbert Blount.

  manor_park_st_nicholas_rc230513_3  manor_park_st_nicholas_rc230513_4
 manor_park_st_nicholas_rc230513_1  manor_park_st_nicholas_rc230513_

Our Lady of the Rosary and St Dominic, Haverstock Hill (Roman Catholic)

A vast church, the foundations were designed by Gilbert Blount but the body of the church was designed by Charles Alban Buckler 1874-83. The outer aisles are separately gabled and each is a side chapel representing one of the mysteries of the Rosary, just a selection of the glass, altar and decoration are shown.