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Tyburn Convent Chapel (Shrine of the Sacred Heart and Tyburn Martyrs), Hyde Park Place, Bayswater Road, Bayswater (Roman Catholic)

The current building is by F.G. Broadbent and dates from 1958-1962, based on H.S. Goodhart-Rendel’s designs. The chapel is divided by a grille between the lay nave and the nun’s sanctuary area.

Sacred Heart, Quex Road, Kilburn (Roman Catholic)

A short way off the High Road this is a large church of 1879 by Pugin and Pugin. They added an eastward extension in 1898-99 and it was further extended this way in 1964-65 by F.G. Broadbent and Partners who also added the south transept and considerably widened the south aisle. The west porch was added in 1959 by Gordon and Gordon


St Thomas Aquinas, Ham Common, Ham

On the edge of Ham Common and built as St Andrew’s National School in 1876. It was converted to Catholic use in 1967-68 by F. G. Broadbent and Justin Hastings.

    ham_st_thomas_aquinas_rc021116_ ham_st_thomas_aquinas_rc021116_3
 ham_st_thomas_aquinas_rc021116_2  ham_st_thomas_aquinas_rc021116_1

Our Lady Queen of Peace Church, Sheen Road, East Sheen (Roman Catholic)

Designed by F.G. Broadbent and built in 1953-54, with a western extension in 1963.

east_sheen_our_lady201016_10 east_sheen_our_lady201016_
 east_sheen_our_lady201016_1  east_sheen_our_lady201016_3
 east_sheen_our_lady201016_4  east_sheen_our_lady201016_5
 east_sheen_our_lady201016_7  east_sheen_our_lady201016_8
 east_sheen_our_lady201016_2  east_sheen_our_lady201016_9

St John Fisher, Cannon Hill Lane, Merton

A church of 1962 by F.G. Broadbent. The stained glass Stations of the Cross are by Patrick Reytiens.

merton_st_john_fisher_rc230115_  merton_st_john_fisher_rc230115_1
 merton_st_john_fisher_rc230115_6  merton_st_john_fisher_rc230115_18
 merton_st_john_fisher_rc230115_8  merton_st_john_fisher_rc230115_14
 merton_st_john_fisher_rc230115_2  merton_st_john_fisher_rc230115_7
 merton_st_john_fisher_rc230115_11  merton_st_john_fisher_rc230115_10
 merton_st_john_fisher_rc230115_12  merton_st_john_fisher_rc230115_9
 merton_st_john_fisher_rc230115_5  merton_st_john_fisher_rc230115_13

Our Lady of the Rosary, Old Marylebone Road, Marylebone (Roman Catholic)

A large church fronting onto Old Marylebone Road and designed by Harry S. Goodhart-Rendell in 1963. It was completed, after Goodhart-Rendell’s death, by  F. G. Broadbent & Partners.