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St Saviour, Brockley Rise, Forest Hill

This church was begun in 1865-1866 to designs by W. Smith but was not completed until 1928. It was severely damaged in WW2 and was rebuilt by 1952 minus its south aisle and the eastern end of the chancel

St Peter, Wickham Road, Brockley

A hilltop church by Frederick Marrable and dating from 1870. The tower was completed by Arthur Blomfield in 1890.

St Mary Magdalen, Comerford Road/Howson Road, Brockley (Roman Catholic)

A church in the back streets by Young Bolton dating from 1889. It required considerable rebuilding after WW2 damage.

St Cyprian (Former), Brockley Road, Brockley

The church hall of the demolished St Cyprian which was nearby in Adelaide Avenue. From 1950 it was used as a church but from 1968 it became a Roman Catholic church hall. It was demolished except for the Brockley Road elevation in 2014 and is now the entrance of a Co-op food store.

St George (Former), Foxberry Road, Brockley now Elim Pentecostal Church

A back street church of 1893 by W. Gilbee Scott that replaced a mission room. It was sold to the Elim Pentecostal church in 2003.

St. Gregorios, Cranfield Road, Brockley (Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church)

Over the road from St Peter, this was its church hall built in 1879. It is now used as an Indian Orthodox Church which opened in 2005.