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St Mark, Bush Hill Park, Enfield

A typical large church by J.E.K. and J.P. Cutts from 1893-1915. As with virtually all of their churches the tower is incomplete.

  enfield_st_mark170613_3  enfield_st_mark170613_5
enfield_st_mark170613_4 enfield_st_mark170613_1
 enfield_st_mark170613_      bush_hill_park_st_mark230116_19
 bush_hill_park_st_mark230116_9 bush_hill_park_st_mark230116_30
 bush_hill_park_st_mark230116_27  bush_hill_park_st_mark230116_21
 bush_hill_park_st_mark230116_22  bush_hill_park_st_mark230116_15
 bush_hill_park_st_mark230116_8  bush_hill_park_st_mark230116_25
bush_hill_park_st_mark230116_24 bush_hill_park_st_mark230116_4