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St Alban the Martyr, Elmbrook Road/Gander Green Lane, Cheam

Constructed in 1930-33 using materials from barns at Cheam Court farm. The architects were C.J. Marshall and Edward Swan. These photos were taken while new lighting was being installed and adjusted hence the ladders etc.

cheam_st_alban100314_ cheam_st_alban100314_2
 cheam_st_alban100314_3  cheam_st_alban100314_6
 cheam_st_alban100314_5  cheam_st_alban100314_4

St Oswald, Brocks Drive, Cheam

Very much a suburban church. This is by Thomas F. Ford and dates from 1953. The hall at the west end was originally the church and was built in 1936 to designs by T.P. Carr (final two images).

cheam_st_oswald100314_  cheam_st_oswald100314_1
 cheam_st_oswald100314_3  cheam_st_oswald100314_2

St Dunstan, Church Road, Cheam

Built 1862-64 to designs by F.H. Pownall, the tower and spire were added by Carpenter & Ingelow in 1870.

 cheam_st_dunstan100314_ cheam_st_dunstan100314_30
 cheam_st_dunstan100314_31  cheam_st_dunstan100314_30
 cheam_st_dunstan100314_29  cheam_st_dunstan100314_28
 cheam_st_dunstan100314_15  cheam_st_dunstan100314_14
 cheam_st_dunstan100314_8  cheam_st_dunstan100314_20
 cheam_st_dunstan100314_2  cheam_st_dunstan100314_5
 cheam_st_dunstan100314_7  cheam_st_dunstan100314_27
 cheam_st_dunstan100314_16  cheam_st_dunstan100314_18

Lumley Chapel, Church Road, Cheam

In the churchyard of St Dunstan. It is now maintained by CCT. It was the chancel (probably 12th century) of the medieval parish church.

cheam_st_dunstan050314_2 cheam_st_dunstan050314_3
 cheam_st_dunstan050314_4                cheam_lumley_chapel100314_28
 cheam_lumley_chapel100314_  cheam_lumley_chapel100314_15
 cheam_lumley_chapel100314_12  cheam_lumley_chapel100314_10
 cheam_lumley_chapel100314_8  cheam_lumley_chapel100314_11
 cheam_lumley_chapel100314_2  cheam_lumley_chapel100314_25
 cheam_lumley_chapel100314_17  cheam_lumley_chapel100314_22
 cheam_lumley_chapel100314_19  cheam_lumley_chapel100314_6
 cheam_lumley_chapel100314_21  cheam_lumley_chapel100314_4

St Christopher, Dallas Road, Cheam (Roman Catholic)

Originally Cheam School chapel designed by Slater & Carpenter 1867-68. Its orientation was turned by 90 degrees in the 1970s when a new extension at right angles was added.

cheam_st_christopher_rc050314_1 cheam_st_christopher_rc050314_3
 cheam_st_christopher_rc100314_10  cheam_st_christopher_rc100314_12
 cheam_st_christopher_rc050314_2    cheam_st_christopher_rc100314_4
 cheam_st_christopher_rc100314_2  cheam_st_christopher_rc100314_9
 cheam_st_christopher_rc100314_8  cheam_st_christopher_rc100314_
 cheam_st_christopher_rc100314_7  cheam_st_christopher_rc100314_6