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St Stephen, Bells Hill, Barnet

South-west of Barnet town centre, a small mission church of 1896.


Christ Church, St Albans Road, Chipping Barnet

North of the town centre. The church was designed in 1845 by G.G. Scott, with an aisle and porch by W.G. & E. Habershon. The interior has been realigned to face south.


Mary Immaculate and St Gregory, Union Street, Barnet (Roman Catholic)

Off the centre of Barnet, the church was designed by Lanner of Wakefield in 1977 and was extended towards the road in 2017. It was reopened in September 2017, after a year’s closure. The engraved windows are by Sally Scott. The final pictures are from April 2017, when the whole building was being gutted and the extension added.

  Under reconstruction  

St John the Baptist, High Barnet

A large church at the end of the High Street in Chipping Barnet town centre. A medieval church was greatly extended with a large nave, chancel, tower and south aisle added by William Butterfield in 1871-75. The fleche was added by J.C. Traylen in 1893, he also designed the pulpit, font and bench ends.

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 high_barnet_st_john_the_baptist290716_26  high_barnet_st_john_the_baptist290716_45
 high_barnet_st_john_the_baptist290716_54 high_barnet_st_john_the_baptist290716_42
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 high_barnet_st_john_the_baptist290716_12 high_barnet_st_john_the_baptist290716_14