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St Bede, Thornton Road, Clapham Park (Roman Catholic)

Attributed stylistically to Clement Jackson and built in 1905. The next door house was home to Miss Frances Ellis who was responsible for funding many Roman catholic churches in the Lambeth area.

clapham_park_st_bede_rc070115_1 clapham_park_st_bede_rc070115_2

St Stephen, Weir Road, Clapham Park

A replacement for a church of 1867, it was built in 1974, the architect is not recorded.

clapham_park_st_stephen070115_ clapham_park_st_stephen070115_1

St James, Park Hill/Briarwood Road, Clapham Park

Lying between the two streets above this is a church of 1958 by N.F.Cachemaille-Day replacing a church of 1829 destroyed in WW2.

clapham_park_st_james291114_1  clapham_park_st_james291114_31
 clapham_park_st_james291114_2  clapham_park_st_james291114_13
 clapham_park_st_james291114_26  clapham_park_st_james291114_21
 clapham_park_st_james291114_14  clapham_park_st_james291114_4
 clapham_park_st_james291114_17  clapham_park_st_james291114_25
 clapham_park_st_james291114_27  clapham_park_st_james291114_11

All Saints, Lyham Road, Clapham Park

Built in 1982 and designed by Richard Watson and Partners to replace a church of 1858.

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 clapham_park_all_saints061114_  clapham_park_all_saints061114_2