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All Souls (former), Loudon Road, Swiss Cottage

Near South Hampstead station, this church by J.F. Wadmore from 1864-65, was made redundant in 1985. The west end and south aisle were added in 1904-05 by Nicholson and Corlette. After a period as a Pentecostal church it has now become housing and a day nursery.


St Matthew, High Street, Yiewsley

Joined to West Drayton, but north of the railway line and firmly in the main shopping area stands this church of two parts. The nave is by Nicholson & Corlette 1897-98, the north aisle was the original church and is by G.G. Scott dating from 1858-59. This aisle is now separated off to form a hall area, with a modern extension and the chancel area forms a small Lady Chapel.

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St Anselm, Station Road, Hayes

In the centre of Hayes’ shopping area. A church of 1926-28 by Hubert C. Corlette.

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