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St Andrew new church, Church lane, Kingsbury

On a commanding site above the road. The church was built by Samuel Daukes and Hamilton in 1847 in Wells Street in central London. It was one of the earliest scholarly gothic revival buildings and had a stong Anglo-catholic ethos. Surplus to requirements in central London tt was moved to Kingsbury in 1934 by W.A Forsyth to provide an appropriately sized church for the growing suburb. Inside there are furnishings by the cream of 19th century architects and designers including Alfred Bell, Butterfield, Pearson and Street



Christ Church, Hampstead Square, Hampstead

Built 1851-52 by S. W. Daukes. Ewan Christian added an outer north aisle in 1881.


St Paul, Brackley Road, Beckenham

Standing in a large area of green near New Beckenham station. The original nave and very short sanctuary was built in 1863-64 by Smith and Williams, but enlarged by a full chancel and north and south aisle, tower and spire by Samuel Daukes in 1869-70.