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Christ the Saviour (former St Michael), Upper Wickham Lane, East Wickham (Greek Orthodox)

The original 13th century parish church of East Wickham, replaced in 1935 by the current St Michael. It was made redundant in 1973 and has been used by a Greek Orthodox congregation since 1974. Many fittings were moved into St Michael but for obvious reasons wall paintings remain.

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St Michael, Upper Wickham Lane, East Wickham

In a large shared church yard, this building replaced the medieval church which is now the Greek Orthodox church of Christ the Saviour. It was designed by Thomas F. Ford and built in 1933.

   east_wickham_st_michael090114_6 east_wickham_st_michael090114_7
 east_wickham_st_michael090114_1  east_wickham_st_michael090114_3