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St Thomas Moore, Field End Road, Eastcote (Roman Catholic)

Just down the road from the Anglican church this is a church of 1976 by John Newton of Burles, Newton and Partners, incorporating a hall of 1937 by L. Shattock.

  eastcote_st_thomas_more_rc30314_3 eastcote_st_thomas_more_rc30314_4
 eastcote_st_thomas_more_rc30314_1  eastcote_st_thomas_more_rc30314_2

St Lawrence, Bridle Road, Eastcote

The church of a “metroland” suburb. It dates from 1932-33 and is by Sir Charles Nicholson.

eastcote_st_laurence130314_2 eastcote_st_laurence130314_25
 eastcote_st_laurence130314_8  eastcote_st_laurence130314_7
 eastcote_st_laurence130314_3  eastcote_st_laurence130314_6
 eastcote_st_laurence130314_19  eastcote_st_laurence130314_26
 eastcote_st_laurence130314_24  eastcote_st_laurence130314_10