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St Mark, Bush Hill Park, Enfield

A typical large church by J.E.K. and J.P. Cutts from 1893-1915. As with virtually all of their churches the tower is incomplete.

  enfield_st_mark170613_3  enfield_st_mark170613_5
enfield_st_mark170613_4 enfield_st_mark170613_1
 enfield_st_mark170613_      bush_hill_park_st_mark230116_19
 bush_hill_park_st_mark230116_9 bush_hill_park_st_mark230116_30
 bush_hill_park_st_mark230116_27  bush_hill_park_st_mark230116_21
 bush_hill_park_st_mark230116_22  bush_hill_park_st_mark230116_15
 bush_hill_park_st_mark230116_8  bush_hill_park_st_mark230116_25
bush_hill_park_st_mark230116_24 bush_hill_park_st_mark230116_4

St Stephen, Park Avenue, Enfield

Well sited on a corner, It is one of J.S. Alder’s conservative early 20th-century gothic buildings. The east end dates from 1906-07, and the west end from 1915.

Our Lady of Mount Carmel and St George, Enfield (Roman Catholic)

Just south of the town centre a basilica style church of 1958 by J.E. Sterrett and B.D. Kaye.

St Andrew, Enfield

Enfield parish church, in the Market Place in a churchyard set back from the main street. It is basically a much restored medieval church with the south aisle rebuilt in  brick in 1824 by W.C. Lochner. Other restorations were carried out by J.P. St. Aubyn in 1866-67 and J.O. Scott in 1908-09


St Luke, Browning Road, Enfield

One of James Brooks’ final churches, eastern parts 1899-1900 and nave 1908. High on a ridge in the north of the borough.

enfield_st_luke021211_12  enfield_st_luke120914_15
 enfield_st_luke120914_8  enfield_st_luke021211_19
 enfield_st_luke021211_20  enfield_st_luke120914_1
            enfield_st_luke120914_13  enfield_st_luke120914_5
 enfield_st_luke120914_9  enfield_st_luke120914_7
 enfield_st_luke120914_6  enfield_st_luke120914_3
 enfield_st_luke120914_2  enfield_st_luke120914_10

St Mary Magdalene, Enfield

A late William Butterfield church of 1883. It sits on a hilltop above Enfield and near the Ridgeway. The chancel was decorated in 1897 with designs by Nathaniel Westlake and Charles Buckeridge. It was restored in 2012 and presents a great contrast with the rather plain nave.  Much of the stained glass was designed by Butterfield and made by Heaton, Butler and Bayne.

enfield_st_mary040513_ enfield_st_mary040513_2
 enfield_st_mary021211_2  enfield_st_mary_magdalene200914_
 enfield_st_mary_magdalene200914_26  enfield_st_mary_magdalene200914_29
 enfield_st_mary_magdalene200914_22  enfield_st_mary_magdalene200914_19
 enfield_st_mary_magdalene200914_30  enfield_st_mary_magdalene200914_39

St Michael, Chase Side, Enfield

A suburban church at the foot of Gordon Hill north of  Enfield Town, by Carpenter & Ingelow 1874, the unfinished west end was completed in 1963.