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St Michael Tokyngton, St Michael’s Avenue, Wembley

A 1932 basilica by Cyril Farey serving a large area of 1930s suburbia north of the Harrow Road. The Tokyngton name derives from a medieval chapel that was in the area until the 1700s.


St Mark, St Mark’s Road, Teddington

Just off Kingston Road, south-east of the town centre. It is by Cyril Farey and dates from 1938-39

   teddington_st_mark241116_54  teddington_st_mark241116_51
 teddington_st_mark241116_1  teddington_st_mark241116_58
 teddington_st_mark241116_57  teddington_st_mark241116_56
 teddington_st_mark241116_43  teddington_st_mark241116_3
 teddington_st_mark241116_11  teddington_st_mark241116_4
 teddington_st_mark241116_5  teddington_st_mark241116_15
 teddington_st_mark241116_16  teddington_st_mark241116_37
 teddington_st_mark241116_17  teddington_st_mark241116_7
 teddington_st_mark241116_21  teddington_st_mark241116_19
 teddington_st_mark241116_12  teddington_st_mark241116_38

St Andrew, Malvern Avenue, Roxbourne

By Farey & Adams and dating from 1956. A traditionally planned church, whose spire recalls Sompting in Sussex. Every window is filled with glass by Max Nauta, a Dutch artist, made in 1957 and making for a very atmospheric interior.

                       roxbourne_st_andrew190116_82 roxbourne_st_andrew190116_85
 roxbourne_st_andrew190116_1  roxbourne_st_andrew190116_5
 roxbourne_st_andrew190116_6  roxbourne_st_andrew190116_74
 roxbourne_st_andrew190116_51  roxbourne_st_andrew190116_21
 roxbourne_st_andrew190116_60  roxbourne_st_andrew190116_62
 roxbourne_st_andrew190116_44  roxbourne_st_andrew190116_48
 roxbourne_st_andrew190116_31  roxbourne_st_andrew190116_34
 roxbourne_st_andrew190116_30  roxbourne_st_andrew190116_26
 roxbourne_st_andrew190116_15  roxbourne_st_andrew190116_14
 roxbourne_st_andrew190116_12  roxbourne_st_andrew190116_80
 roxbourne_st_andrew190116_72  roxbourne_st_andrew190116_75

All Hallows, Horsenden Lane North, North Greenford

Designed by Cyril Farey 1940-41 on an open triangular site near the Horsenden Hill open space.

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 north_greenford_all_hallows161014_7  north_greenford_all_hallows161014_5
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St Peter, Vera Avenue, Grange Park

In quiet suburbia near the station, a church of 1939-41 by Cyril Farey. There are many windows by Margaret Edith Rope, a selection of which are shown here. The modern Stations of the Cross include the less usual 15th – Resurrection. The font comes from the former City church of St Katherine Coleman.

   grange_park_st_peter170613_2  grange_park_st_peter170613_1
 grange_park_st_peter170613_3  grange_park_st_peter170613_4