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Our Lady & St Christopher, High Street, Cranford (Roman Catholic)

Behind the presbytery which is next door to Holy Angels, the Anglican church. This is a building of 1969-71 by Gerard Goalen.


St Thomas More, Maresfield Gardens, Swiss Cottage (Roman Catholic)

Built in 1968-69 and designed by Gerard Goalen. The elliptical shape is rather hidden behind other buildings. New ancillary buildings have recently been added next to the steps up to the church.


St Gregory the Great, Victoria Road, South Ruislip (Roman Catholic)

On the main road towards Ruislip, an oval church of 1957 by Gerald Goalen.

south_ruislip_st_gregory_rc130314_  south_ruislip_st_gregory_rc130314_4
 south_ruislip_st_gregory_rc130314_1  south_ruislip_st_gregory_rc130314_7
 south_ruislip_st_gregory_rc130314_6  south_ruislip_st_gregory_rc130314_5

St Gabriel, Holloway Road, Upper Holloway (Roman Catholic)

Designed by Gerard Goalen 1966-68. The blank wall towards the road is to cut out traffic noise from the busy Holloway Road.

upper_holloway_st_gabriel_rc091213_1 upper_holloway_st_gabriel_rc091213_2
 upper_holloway_st_gabriel_rc091213_4  upper_holloway_st_gabriel_rc091213_3
    upper_holloway_st_gabriel_rc141213_7  upper_holloway_st_gabriel_rc141213_1
 upper_holloway_st_gabriel_rc141213_10  upper_holloway_st_gabriel_rc141213_5
 upper_holloway_st_gabriel_rc141213_8  upper_holloway_st_gabriel_rc141213_4

Holy Trinity and St Augustine, Holloway Road, Harrow Green, Leytonstone

Hidden away in modern low-rise housing. It was designed by Gerard Goalen in 1973 and replaced two 19th-century churches demolished in the early 1970s. The side chapel has stained glass from the former St Augustine, Haggerston. The outside is almost windowless at street level and rather forbidding, but inside there is natural light from above. The floor slopes slightly from the rear down to the chancel. There are some unusual Stations of the Cross, which are awkward to picture well, owing to their reflective picture frames