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St Alban and St Michael, North End Road, Golders Green

Close to the station, this is a distinctive church of 1932-33 by Giles Gilbert Scott, he also designed many of the fittings.


St Mary and Archangel Michael, Cranbourne Gardens, Temple Fortune (Coptic)

In suburbia north of the centre of Golders Green. This was built as St Barnabas C of E church in 1915 by J.S. Alder. The chancel and Lady chapel were added in 1932-34 by Ernest Shearman. The nave was rebuilt in 1962 by Romilly B. Craze after war damage. It became a Coptic church in 1996 and this was when the west porch was added. The interior shots appear rather murky owing to the amount of incense coming from a service in the lady Chapel.


St Edward the Confessor, Finchley Road, Golders Green (Roman Catholic)

A prominent church north of the town centre, it dates from 1915 and was designed by Arthur Young

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