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Most Holy Trinity, Dockhead/Jamaica Road, Bermondsey (Roman Catholic)

A prominent landmark on a turn in the road. It dates from 1960 and is by Harry Goodhart-Rendel replacing a WW2 damaged church.

St Mary the Virgin, Worton Road, Isleworth

The current church was designed by Harry S. Goodhart-Rendel in 1952-54. Next door is a wooden building with a brick porch of 1931 which was the previous hall/church.


Guard’s Chapel, Birdcage Walk, Westminster

Part of Wellington barracks just south of St James Park. The building dates from 1961-63 and was designed by Bruce George. At its east end it incorporates an apse by G.E. Street (1877-79) that remains from the bombing of the previous building in 1944. The brown brick cloister is by H.S. Goodhart-Rendell dates from 1954-55.

westminster_guards_chapel020415_  westminster_guards_chapel020415_1
 westminster_guards_chapel020415_3  westminster_guards_chapel020415_4
   westminster_guards_chapel230316_3  westminster_guards_chapel230316_2
 westminster_guards_chapel230316_27  westminster_guards_chapel230316_26
 westminster_guards_chapel230316_17  westminster_guards_chapel230316_6
 westminster_guards_chapel230316_15  westminster_guards_chapel230316_1
 westminster_guards_chapel230316_19  westminster_guards_chapel230316_4
 westminster_guards_chapel230316_3  westminster_guards_chapel230316_20
 westminster_guards_chapel230316_11  westminster_guards_chapel230316_9
 westminster_guards_chapel230316_12  westminster_guards_chapel230316_16
 westminster_guards_chapel230316_7  westminster_guards_chapel230316_10
 westminster_guards_chapel230316_13  westminster_guards_chapel230316_24
 westminster_guards_chapel230316_23  westminster_guards_chapel230316_21

St Cecilia, Stonecot Hill, North Cheam (Roman Catholic)

Just in Sutton borough, it was designed by H. S. Goodhart-Rendel and built in 1957.

north_cheam_st_cecilia_rc230115_ north_cheam_st_cecilia_rc230115_1

St Mary, Bourne Street

Its entrance is hidden away behind buildings, designed by R.J. Withers in 1873-74. The porch was added by H.S, Goodhart-Rendell 1925-28. It is a centre of high church anglicanism.

     pimlico_st_mary_bourne_street090212_1  pimlico_st_mary_bourne_street090212_
 pimlico_st_mary_bourne_street090212_4  pimlico_st_mary_bourne_street090212_7
 pimlico_st_mary_bourne_street090212_2  pimlico_st_mary_bourne_street090212_6

Our Lady of the Rosary, Old Marylebone Road, Marylebone (Roman Catholic)

A large church fronting onto Old Marylebone Road and designed by Harry S. Goodhart-Rendell in 1963. It was completed, after Goodhart-Rendell’s death, by  F. G. Broadbent & Partners.