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St Jude and St Paul, Mildmay Grove

By A.D. Gough from 1855, with the chancel, aisles and clerestory added in 1871 by Edwin Clare. The interior has the nave aisles divided off to form, on the south side rooms and on the north halls used by a private school. All the galleries, bar that at the west have been removed.

St Mary and St Stephen, Ashley Road, Hornsey Rise

By A.D. Gough, from 1861, the tower and spire were added in 1868 and porches and transept aisles were added 1883-1884


St Mark with St Anne, Tollington Park

One of several churches in the area by A.D.Gough and built 1853-54. The aisles were rebuilt in 1884 by F.R.Farrow.

 tollington_park_st_mark_st_anne091213_  tollington_park_st_mark_st_anne091213_4
 tollington_park_st_mark_st_anne091213_2  tollington_park_st_mark_st_anne091213_1

St Peter, Islington

Now used as flats, the church was designed by Charles Barry 1834-35, but the Thunderbird One spire was added by Roumieu and Gough 1842-44 along with transepts and west porch.

islington_former_st_peter261012_1  islington_former_st_peter261012_

St Pancras Old Church

Standing in a large churchyard just north of St Pancras station. The bulk of the church is by A.D. Gough and R.L.Romieu (1847-48) in a norman style but there is some original norman work incorporated.

camden_st_pancras_old_church011116_17 camden_st_pancras_old_church011116_16
 camden_st_pancras_old_church011116_1  camden_st_pancras_old_church011116_3
 camden_st_pancras_old_church011116_2  camden_st_pancras_old_church011116_9
 camden_st_pancras_old_church011116_10  camden_st_pancras_old_church011116_11
 camden_st_pancras_old_church011116_15  camden_st_pancras_old_church011116_14
 camden_st_pancras_old_church011116_6  camden_st_pancras_old_church011116_8
 camden_st_pancras_old_church011116_8  camden_st_pancras_old_church011116_12
 camden_st_pancras_old_church011116_5  camden_st_pancras_old_church011116_4
 camden_st_pancras_old_church011116_13  camden_st_pancras_old_church011116_7