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St Andrew, Church Lane, Ham

In a rural backwater just off the main part of Ham Common. It was built in 1830-31 and designed by Edward Lapidge. Raphael Brandon added a south aisle in 1860 and Bodley & Garner added the chancel in 1900-01

ham_st_andrew101116_6 ham_st_andrew101116_3
 ham_st_andrew101116_1  ham_st_andrew101116_4
                          ham_st_andrew131116_  ham_st_andrew131116_42
 ham_st_andrew131116_13  ham_st_andrew131116_2
 ham_st_andrew131116_21  ham_st_andrew131116_16
 ham_st_andrew131116_8  ham_st_andrew131116_9
 ham_st_andrew131116_14  ham_st_andrew131116_4
 ham_st_andrew131116_5  ham_st_andrew131116_1
 ham_st_andrew131116_12  ham_st_andrew131116_11
 ham_st_andrew131116_3  ham_st_andrew131116_19
 ham_st_andrew131116_20  ham_st_andrew131116_33
 ham_st_andrew131116_25  ham_st_andrew131116_28
 ham_st_andrew131116_29  ham_st_andrew131116_27
 ham_st_andrew131116_38  ham_st_andrew131116_32

St Thomas Aquinas, Ham Common, Ham

On the edge of Ham Common and built as St Andrew’s National School in 1876. It was converted to Catholic use in 1967-68 by F. G. Broadbent and Justin Hastings.

    ham_st_thomas_aquinas_rc021116_ ham_st_thomas_aquinas_rc021116_3
 ham_st_thomas_aquinas_rc021116_2  ham_st_thomas_aquinas_rc021116_1

St Richard, Ashburnham Road, Ham

The church was built in 1964-66 to designs by Ralph Covell. It forms a piece with a primary school, opposite the Riverside estate’s shopping parade.

ham_st_richard021116_11  ham_st_richard021116_8
 ham_st_richard021116_7  ham_st_richard021116_1
 ham_st_richard021116_9               ham_st_richard301116_17
 ham_st_richard301116_27  ham_st_richard301116_26
 ham_st_richard301116_3  ham_st_richard301116_4
 ham_st_richard301116_2  ham_st_richard301116_8
 ham_st_richard301116_10  ham_st_richard301116_28
 ham_st_richard301116_18  ham_st_richard301116_20
 ham_st_richard301116_13  ham_st_richard301116_12
 ham_st_richard301116_21  ham_st_richard301116_23