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St Theodore, Station Road, Hampton (Roman Catholic)

Down a cul-de-sac, not far from the station, this church dates from 1987 and is by Austin Winkley.

   hampton_st_theodore_rc241116_  hampton_st_theodore_rc241116_2
 hampton_st_theodore_rc241116_3  hampton_st_theodore_rc241116_1

St Mary, Thames Street, Hampton

Alongside the River Thames at the eastern end of Hampton. The church is by Edward Lapidge and dates from 1831. The sanctuary was added by Arthur Blomfield in 1888. The nave windows received their tracery after 1907.

 hampton_st_mary241116_21  hampton_st_mary241116_20
 hampton_st_mary241116_2  hampton_st_mary241116_1
 hampton_st_mary241116_3  hampton_st_mary241116_6
 hampton_st_mary241116_7  hampton_st_mary241116_10
 hampton_st_mary241116_11  hampton_st_mary241116_13
 hampton_st_mary241116_9  hampton_st_mary241116_16

All Saints, The Avenue. Hampton

A suburban church well away from the old village centre. It dates from 1908 and is by Greenaway and Newberry. The intended tower was never built.

    hampton_all_saints101116_10  hampton_all_saints101116_9
 hampton_all_saints101116_14  hampton_all_saints101116_15