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All Saints, Uxbridge Road, Hanworth

On the eastern side of Hanworth Park. A church by N.F. Cachemaile_day. The Lady Chapel and baptistery date from 1951-52, the main body of the church and circular section were built in 1957.


St George, Castle Way, Hanworth

At the edge of Hanworth Park. The north and south nave walls remain from a church of 1812 by James Wyatt but are subsumed in a church of 1865 by S.S. Teulon. Photography is frowned upon here


St Richard of Chichester, Forge Lane, Hanworth

Down a dead end road, a kink in the borough boundary keeps it in Hounslow rather than Richmond borough. It was designed by Leslie Channing and built in 1964. The worship space is connected to the hall on the left by a folding wall.

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