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St Mary, Church Hill, Harefield

One of outer London’s most fascinating churches. It lies south of the village centre down a long driveway. The church is mainly 14th century, with a 13th century chancel.The tower and north aisle are 16th century. However the interior is the a main feature, there are plaster ceilings from the 18th century by Henry Keene, a chancel crammed full of monuments and raised so high above the nave to accommodate a mausoleum that the three decker pulpit hardly shows above its floor. Most monuments are to the Newdigate family from the 15th to the 19th century.

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St Paul, Merles Avenue, Harefield (Roman Catholic)

In the centre of the village, a church of 1964 by Broadbent, Hastings, Read & New of Twickenham, originally a dual purpose building but a separate hall was created in 1973-74.

harefield_st_paul_rc270312_ harefield_st_paul_rc270312_1