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St Augustine, Highbury New Park, Highbury

Built as part of the Highbury Park estate and designed by Habershon and Brock in 1869-70

highbury_st_augustine141213_3  highbury_st_augustine141213_5
 highbury_st_augustine141213_7 highbury_st_augustine141213_

St Joan of Arc, Highbury Park (Roman Catholic)

By Walters and Kerr Bate and dating from 1960-64.

highbury_st_joan_of_arc_rc280613_1 highbury_st_joan_of_arc_rc280613_6
 highbury_st_joan_of_arc_rc280613_9 highbury_st_joan_of_arc_rc280613_3
highbury_st_joan_of_arc_rc280613_ highbury_st_joan_of_arc_rc280613_5

Christ Church, Highbury Grove, Highbury, N5 1SA

By T. Allom 1847-48. The nave was exteded in 1872 by Williams and Crouch. The crossing is octagonal.

highbury_christ_church221112_2  islington_christchurch_highbury_grove261012_1
 islington_christchurch_highbury_grove261012_  highbury_christ_church221112_6
 highbury_christ_church221112_  highbury_christ_church221112_5
 highbury_christ_church221112_4  highbury_christ_church221112_7

St Saviour, Aberdeen Park, Highbury

Designed by William White 1865-66 with much polychromatic interior decoration. It has been used since 1990 as The Florence Trust artist’s studios, however, it seems likely that 2019 will be the last year of this use.

highbury_st_saviour_aberdeen_park221112_7 highbury_st_saviour_aberdeen_park221112_5