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St Michael, South Grove, Highgate

A church of 1831-32 by Lewis Vulliamy, it replaced a chapel of ease and was built on the site of the demolished Ashurst House. In 1878 a chancel was added by G.E. Street. The east window glass of 1954 by Evie Hone replaces a war-damaged Kempe window, whose remains are now in the north chapel east window. The reredos and the redecoration of the sanctuary are by Temple Moore in 1903. There are a few 18th-century monuments from the old chapel.


St Anne Brookfield, Highgate West Hill

Up the road from Parliament Hill Fields, this is a typical mid-century suburban church of 1852-53 designed by George Plunkett.


St Joseph, Highgate Hill, Highgate (Roman Catholic)

A huge domed church facing up Highgate Hill and next to Dartmouth Park. It was designed by Albert Vicars and built in 1887-89 replacing a building constructed only 25 years earlier.

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All Saints, Church Road, Highgate

A church of 1864 by A.W. Blomfield with a south aisle added in 1874 and a north aisle in 1912 by J. Stockdale. WW2 damage followed by a fire damaged much of the structure and stained glass and much of the interior and roof were rebuilt in the 1950s. The north aisle has been walled off as a hall, offices, kitchens and toilets, but retains its contemporary early 20th-century stained glass. On my visit, the vicar showed us some old photos which I have copied and added at the end to show the pre-WW2 and then the damaged and restored interior.