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St Anne and St Agnes, Gresham Street

A church of 1677-87 by Wren, though possibly Hooke was also involved. Following war damage it was restored 1963-68 by Braddock and Martin. Having been used by a Lutheran congregation it is now the Gresham Centre, a music based charity.

city_st_anne_st_agnes110114_  city_st_anne_st_agnes110114_1
 city_st_anne_st_agnes110114_4  city_st_anne_st_agnes110114_3

St Benet, Pauls Wharf, City of London

By Robert Hooke 1678-84.  It has been a Welsh Anglican church since 1879.

st_benet_pauls_wharf_city_of_london190111_64  city_st_benet_pauls_wharf110114_1
 city_st_benet_pauls_wharf110114_2  city_st_benet_pauls_wharf110114_4
 city_st_benet_pauls_wharf110114_7   city_st_benet_pauls_wharf140114_2
 city_st_benet_pauls_wharf140114_17  city_st_benet_pauls_wharf140114_

St Edmund the King, City of London

By Robert Hooke 1670-74. Currently used as the  London Centre for Spirituality.

st_edmund_the_king_city_of_london190111_40  city_st_edmund_the_king110114_4