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St Matthew, Chelmsford Drive, Hornchurch

In suburbia south of the District Line, a hall/church built in 1956.

St George, Kenilworth Gardens, Hornchurch

Built in 1931 as a hall/church with a slightly more ambitious chancel added later.

P1210399 P1210400

St John & St Matthew, South End Road, South Hornchurch

Built in 1957 and designed by Ronald Wylde Associates and reordered more recently to give a flexible use building. The sanctuary can now be placed against either a long or short wall depending upon requirements.

English Martyrs, Alma Avenue, Hornchurch (Roman Catholic)

A small suburban church of 1954-55 by David Rodney Burles. The stained glass is by Goddard and Gibbs and dates from 1981.

All Saints, Ardleigh Green Road, Squirrels Heath, Hornchurch

A small church of 1957 by Tooley & Foster.

hornchurch_all_saints140313_ hornchurch_all_saints140313_1

St Mary Mother of God, Hornchurch (Roman Catholic)

Almost opposite Holy Cross Anglican church. By D.H. Burles 1931-33.

Holy Cross, Hornchurch

Close to the south end of Romford, a suburban church of 1932-34 by Pite, Son and Fairweather.


St Andrew, Hornchurch

High above Hornchurch town centre, a mainly medieval church, well lit with little stained glass. The south aisle, of brick, dates from 1802 and is likely by John Johnson.

hornchurch_church170113_16  hornchurch_church170113_17