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St John the Evangelist, Queens Drive, Brownswood Park

Near Finsbury Park, a semi circular “flying saucer” design by Tom Hornsby and dating from 1995.

brownswood_park_st_john281113_ brownswood_park_st_john281113_4
 brownswood_park_st_john281113_2  brownswood_park_st_john281113_1
 browmswood_park_st_john030315_  browmswood_park_st_john030315_2

St Nicholas and All Hallows, Aberfeldy Street, Poplar

A Seely and Paget church of 1953-55, it closed in 1968 to be used as a store for vinyl discs and reopened in 1997 and repaired by Keith Harrison Architects (Tim Hornsby).

  poplar_st_nicholas_all_hallows141113_3 poplar_st_nicholas_all_hallows141113_6
 poplar_st_nicholas_all_hallows141113_5  poplar_st_nicholas_all_hallows141113_