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St Mark, St Mark’s Place, Wimbledon

Close to the station, it replaced a 19th century church that burnt down in 1966. It dates from 1968-69 and was designed by Humphreys & Hirst and David Nye & Partners.


 wimbledon_st_mark130114_2  wimbledon_st_mark130114_
 wimbledon_st_mark130114_1  wimbledon_st_mark130114_5

St Paul, Maryland Road, Stratford

In Stratford new town, designed by Humprheys and Hurst 1952-53.

stratford_st_paul230513_1 stratford_st_paul230513_3
 stratford_st_paul230513_2  stratford_st_paul230513_

Christ Church, Francis Road, Leyton

Hidden in backstreets and very evangelical. Dating from 1902 and designed by Sir Arthur Blomfield and Son. The east wall was added in 1959 by Humphreys and Hirst.

leyton_christ_church180413_2  leyton_christ_church180413_