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All Saints, Bark Hart Road, Orpington

Orpington parish church, but north east of the town centre in suburban roads. The old Saxon and Norman church has been made a chapel to a large 1957 church built at right angles and designed by Geddes Hyslop. The stumpy tower is the consequence of storm damage to its upper parts.

      orpington_all_saints020317_6  orpington_all_saints020317_7
 orpington_all_saints020317_3 orpington_all_saints020317_5
 orpington_all_saints020317_2  orpington_all_saints020317_8
 orpington_all_saints020317_11  orpington_all_saints020317_10
 orpington_all_saints020317_1  orpington_all_saints020317_9

Bishop Andrewes Church, Wigmore Road, St Helier

In the southern part of this huge between the wars estate. The church dates from 1933 and was designed by Geddes Hyslop. Only the eastern third is now used for worship.

              st_helier_bishop_andrewes240215_25  st_helier_bishop_andrewes240215_26
 st_helier_bishop_andrewes240215_29  st_helier_bishop_andrewes240215_27
 st_helier_bishop_andrewes240215_  st_helier_bishop_andrewes240215_2
 st_helier_bishop_andrewes240215_6  st_helier_bishop_andrewes240215_11
 st_helier_bishop_andrewes240215_3  st_helier_bishop_andrewes240215_14
 st_helier_bishop_andrewes240215_12  st_helier_bishop_andrewes240215_21
 st_helier_bishop_andrewes240215_15  st_helier_bishop_andrewes240215_17
 st_helier_bishop_andrewes240215_16  st_helier_bishop_andrewes240215_18