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St Mary Magdalene, Dundas Road/St Mary’s Road, Peckham

The third church on this site, a church of 1839 was bombed out and replaced in 1961-62. However that building proved problematic and it was replaced in 2010-2011 by the current building. It sits on an island site and consists of a worship area and side chapel both separated by glass screens from hall areas. The architects were IID.


St Mark, Surbiton

A distinctive landmark up the hill from the station. The church was built in 1845, rebuilt in 1855 by P.C. Hardwick but apart from the tower and spire destroyed in WW2. It was rebuilt in a very conservative style by Milner and Craze in 1960. It was restored with community use in mind 2010-2012 by Paul Edey of IID Architects.

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 surbiton_st_mark200214_18  surbiton_st_mark200214_10
 surbiton_st_mark200214_3  surbiton_st_mark200214_14
 surbiton_st_mark200214_8  surbiton_st_mark200214_16