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St Andrew (Former), Glengall Road, Peckham now Celestial Church of Christ

A church of 1865-65 by Enoch Bassett Keeling. It was declared redundant in 1978 and leased to CCC from 1980.  The inside has been refurbished in typical CCC style and has a mezzanine floor inserted over half of the nave and the west gallery boxed in and the north aisle windows blocked.

Christ Church, Old Kent Road, Camberwell

The east end faces the road. The church dates from 1867-68 and is by the “Rogue” architect Enoch Bassett Keeling. The spire has been lost, replaced by a simple tower top. War damage was repaired by Thomas F. Ford.

St George, Aubrey Walk, Campden Hill, Kensington

High on the ridge above Kensington, an 1864 church by “rogue” architect Enoch Bassett Keeling. It has lost its spire and apse but the iron columns and some of the polychrome brickwork have been re exposed in recent times. The rear two bays of the nave are partitioned off for offices and a hall space.

                              campden_hill_st_george160216_30  campden_hill_st_george160216_29
 campden_hill_st_george160216_27  campden_hill_st_george160216_31
 campden_hill_st_george160216_28  campden_hill_st_george160216_1
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 campden_hill_st_george160216_19  campden_hill_st_george160216_23
 campden_hill_st_george160216_17  campden_hill_st_george160216_20
 campden_hill_st_george160216_18  campden_hill_st_george160216_25
 campden_hill_st_george160216_12  campden_hill_st_george160216_8
 campden_hill_st_george160216_16  campden_hill_st_george160216_5
 campden_hill_st_george160216_7  campden_hill_st_george160216_6
 campden_hill_st_george160216_4  campden_hill_st_george160216_13
 campden_hill_st_george160216_2  campden_hill_st_george160216_3