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St Saviour and Saints John the Baptist and Evangelist, Lewisham High Street, Lewisham (Roman Catholic)

At the southern end of the town centre and visible from far off due to its tower topped with a figure of Christ. This tower was built in 1925-1929 along with a wide south aisle. The rest of the church was built in 1909. The whole building is by Claude Kelly and Campbell Dickie.

St Vincent de Paul, Altenberg Gardens, Clapham Common (Roman Catholic)

Surrounded by villas a little way north of the Common towards Battersea. The church dates from 1906-07 by Claude Kelly

clapham_common_st_vincent_de_paul_rc050117_25  clapham_common_st_vincent_de_paul_rc050117_24
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 clapham_common_st_vincent_de_paul_rc050117_3  clapham_common_st_vincent_de_paul_rc050117_5
 clapham_common_st_vincent_de_paul_rc050117_4  clapham_common_st_vincent_de_paul_rc050117_15
 clapham_common_st_vincent_de_paul_rc050117_8  clapham_common_st_vincent_de_paul_rc050117_10
 clapham_common_st_vincent_de_paul_rc050117_12  clapham_common_st_vincent_de_paul_rc050117_13
 clapham_common_st_vincent_de_paul_rc050117_16  clapham_common_st_vincent_de_paul_rc050117_21