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St Mary, East Barnet

A small norman village church to which a neo norman brick tower was added in 1829 By R. Kelsey and a south aisle in 1868 designed by A.R. Baker.

               east_barnet_st_mary060615_35  east_barnet_st_mary060615_36
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 east_barnet_st_mary060615_22 east_barnet_st_mary060615_15
 east_barnet_st_mary060615_16  east_barnet_st_mary060615_13
 east_barnet_st_mary060615_8  east_barnet_st_mary060615_6
 east_barnet_st_mary060615_4  east_barnet_st_mary060615_5
 east_barnet_st_mary060615_1  east_barnet_st_mary060615_10
 east_barnet_st_mary060615_2 east_barnet_st_mary060615_7