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St Antony, Wentworth Way, Hamsey Green

Right on the border with Surrey at the southern tip of Croydon borough, this is a hall church by A.W. Kenyon, built 1957. The chancel can be screened off from the hall area when the hall is in secular use.

St Alban, Church Drive, North Harrow

A very distinctive design of 1936-37 by A.W. Kenyon. Well set in a pleasant green space in suburbia.

north_harrow_st_aidan190116_1 north_harrow_st_aidan190116_43
 north_harrow_st_aidan190116_3  north_harrow_st_aidan190116_10
 north_harrow_st_aidan190116_39  north_harrow_st_aidan190116_35
 north_harrow_st_aidan190116_36  north_harrow_st_aidan190116_33
 north_harrow_st_aidan190116_34  north_harrow_st_aidan190116_4
 north_harrow_st_aidan190116_17  north_harrow_st_aidan190116_31
 north_harrow_st_aidan190116_23  north_harrow_st_aidan190116_9
 north_harrow_st_aidan190116_22  north_harrow_st_aidan190116_14
 north_harrow_st_aidan190116_7  north_harrow_st_aidan190116_19