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St Antony, Nunhead Lane, Nunhead now The Lighthouse Cathedral

Built as St Antholin by Ewan Christian in 1878. It was badly damaged in WW2 and rebuilt with a shortened nave and new west end by Laurence King in 1957-1958 at which point it became St Antony. It was made redundant in 2001 and sold to a pentecostal church and renamed The Lighthouse Cathedral.


St Mary, Perivale

Redundant in 1972 and converted to a small arts venue run by a friends group in 1981, it remains consecrated. The chancel dates from the 12th century, the wooden tower from the 16th. There was much restoration by Laurence King in 1964.

               perivale_st_mary210914_29  perivale_st_mary210914_25
 perivale_st_mary210914_24 perivale_st_mary210914_27
 perivale_st_mary210914_16  perivale_st_mary210914_2
 perivale_st_mary210914_17  perivale_st_mary210914_12
 perivale_st_mary210914_15  perivale_st_mary210914_21
 perivale_st_mary210914_4  perivale_st_mary210914_18
 perivale_st_mary210914_19  perivale_st_mary210914_7
 perivale_st_mary210914_11  perivale_st_mary210914_5

St Mary, The Fairway, South Ruislip

In a smart suburban street not far from South Ruislip station, this is a church of 1958-59 designed by Laurence King. The external crucifixion is by Brian Asquith.

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St John with St Mary and St Edward, Albert Road, North Woolwich

A rather forbidding looking joint Anglican and Roman Catholic church of 1968 by Laurence King and Partners.

north_woolwich_st_john130513_  north_woolwich_st_john130513_3

All Saints, Capworth St, Leyton

In suburban backstreets south of the Lea Bridge Road. A striking toblerone style church by Laurence King and Partners and dating from 1973.

leyton_all_saints180413_1  leyton_all_saints180413_2
 leyton_all_saints180413_3 leyton_all_saints180413_