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Kings Cross Church, 242 Pentonville Road, Kings Cross

A plant from St Mary, Bryanston Square which had been worshipping in a pentecostal Ethiopean church along the road. They have recently acquired and adapted a building of 1923, which was the Luciana Temperance Billiard Hall with a shop underneath, into a multi-purpose space (worship area on the 1st floor, offices and meeting rooms). Its last use was as The Poor School, a drama school that opened in 1986 and closed in July 2018.

Holy Cross, Cromer Street, Kings Cross

By Joseph Peacock, 1887. The font is by J.L. Pearson and there is a window by Martin Travers.

    kings_cross_holy_cross151211_5  kings_cross_holy_cross151211_
 kings_cross_holy_cross151211_1  kings_cross_holy_cross151211_2

St Pancras Old Church

Standing in a large churchyard just north of St Pancras station. The bulk of the church is by A.D. Gough and R.L.Romieu (1847-48) in a norman style but there is some original norman work incorporated.

camden_st_pancras_old_church011116_17 camden_st_pancras_old_church011116_16
 camden_st_pancras_old_church011116_1  camden_st_pancras_old_church011116_3
 camden_st_pancras_old_church011116_2  camden_st_pancras_old_church011116_9
 camden_st_pancras_old_church011116_10  camden_st_pancras_old_church011116_11
 camden_st_pancras_old_church011116_15  camden_st_pancras_old_church011116_14
 camden_st_pancras_old_church011116_6  camden_st_pancras_old_church011116_8
 camden_st_pancras_old_church011116_8  camden_st_pancras_old_church011116_12
 camden_st_pancras_old_church011116_5  camden_st_pancras_old_church011116_4
 camden_st_pancras_old_church011116_13  camden_st_pancras_old_church011116_7