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St Paul, Crofton Lane, Crofton

The current church dates from 1958 and was designed by A.B. Knapp-Fisher, it replaced a small church of 1887 which is now used as a hall.

crofton_st_paul220217_27  crofton_st_paul220217_24
 crofton_st_paul220217_23  crofton_st_paul220217_25
 crofton_st_paul220217_10  crofton_st_paul220217_9
 crofton_st_paul220217_21  crofton_st_paul220217_17
 crofton_st_paul220217_1  crofton_st_paul220217_4
 crofton_st_paul220217_11  crofton_st_paul220217_6
 crofton_st_paul220217_16  crofton_st_paul220217_2

St Mark, St Mark’s Square, Regents Park

Near the Regent’s Canal and the Zoo a church by Thomas Little of 1851-52, to which Blomfield added a chancel  in 1890, however war damage meant that the roofs and east wall were by A.P. Knapp-Fisher and date from 1957. There are  Ninian Comper altarpieces and stained glass that were added after the war, replacing damaged items by the same artist.

regents_park_st_mark191214_1    regents_park_st_mark191214_4
 regents_park_st_mark191214_5  regents_park_st_mark191214_2