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Holy Trinity, Lamorbey

Near Sidcup station. It was designed by Ewan Christian and built 1879, restored in 1949 after war damage.

  lamborbey_holy_trinity140114_3  lamborbey_holy_trinity140114_2
 lamborbey_holy_trinity140114_4  lamborbey_holy_trinity140114_1

Holy Redeemer, Days Lane, Lamorbey

In quiet suburbia with a large garden area to the front. It was designed by A.S.R. Ley and built 1933. The interior has been realigned to face the long wall, leaving the chancel as a small chapel.

lamborbey_holy_redeemer140114_ lamborbey_holy_redeemer140114_1
 lamborbey_holy_redeemer140114_3  lamborbey_holy_redeemer140114_6
 lamborbey_holy_redeemer140114_13  lamborbey_holy_redeemer140114_18
 lamborbey_holy_redeemer140114_11  lamborbey_holy_redeemer140114_20
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