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Our Lady Immaculate with St Frederick (Roman Catholic), Commercial Road, Limehouse

Facing a busy main road, a church of 1925 by A.J. Sparrow. The wooden statue of Christ the Steersman was designed to be seen from the Thames.

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 limehouse_our_lady_immaculate_rc141113_1  limehouse_our_lady_immaculate_rc141113_5

St Anne, Limehouse

One of Nicholas Hawksmoor’s major east end churches. It was built between 1714 and 1725. Gutted by fire in 1850 it was restored by  Philip Hardwick and John Morris in 1850-51, Philip .C. Hardwick  (son of the earlier Hardwick) 1856-57. In 1891 Arthur Blomfield undertook a remodelling of the chancel. In 1983-93 it was restored under Julian Harrap

   limehouse_st_anne200914_37  limehouse_st_anne190412_5
 limehouse_st_anne200914_30  limehouse_st_anne190412_3
 limehouse_st_anne190412_1  limehouse_st_anne190412_
 limehouse_st_anne200914_1  limehouse_st_anne200914_6
 limehouse_st_anne200914_4  limehouse_st_anne200914_27
 limehouse_st_anne200914_26  limehouse_st_anne200914_25
 limehouse_st_anne200914_19  limehouse_st_anne200914_24
 limehouse_st_anne200914_13  limehouse_st_anne200914_17