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St. Thomas Jacobite Syrian Orthodox Church, Taunton Road, Harold Hill

Originally Harold Hill Baptist Church, it was bought and converted by the JSO and opened in October 2018. Owing to multiple sets of railings around the locked grounds the foundation stone image is a not terribly good montage.

Our Lady of La Salette, Rainham (Roman Catholic)

A large A framed building of 1966-67 by John Newton of Burles, Newton and Partners.

rainham_our_lady_of_salette_rc101013_1  rainham_our_lady_of_salette_rc101013_2
 rainham_our_lady_of_salette_rc101013_30  rainham_our_lady_of_salette_rc101013_5
 rainham_our_lady_of_salette_rc101013_6  rainham_our_lady_of_salette_rc101013_26
 rainham_our_lady_of_salette_rc101013_29  rainham_our_lady_of_salette_rc101013_11
 rainham_our_lady_of_salette_rc101013_9  rainham_our_lady_of_salette_rc101013_10
 rainham_our_lady_of_salette_rc101013_12  rainham_our_lady_of_salette_rc101013_14
 rainham_our_lady_of_salette_rc101013_19  rainham_our_lady_of_salette_rc101013_27

St Alban, Kings Road, Romford

A small suburban church of 1890, which hides inside a large amount of late twentieth and early twenty first century art.

   romford_st_alban101013_7 romford_st_alban101013_2
 romford_st_alban101013_3  romford_st_alban101013_20
 romford_st_alban101013_8  romford_st_alban101013_9
 romford_st_alban101013_10  romford_st_alban101013_19
 romford_st_alban101013_18  romford_st_alban101013_25
 romford_st_alban101013_24  romford_st_alban101013_12
 romford_st_alban101013_14  romford_st_alban101013_30
 romford_st_alban101013_21  romford_st_alban101013_26
 romford_st_alban101013_22  romford_st_alban101013_28
 romford_st_alban101013_27  romford_st_alban101013_31
 romford_st_alban101013_32  romford_st_alban101013_35

Christ the Eternal High Priest, Brentwood Road, Gidea Park (Roman Catholic)

A parish founded in 1963. but the church is by Lanner of Wakefield dating from 1974. Since my first visit in 2013, some of the furnishings such as the altar and pews have been changed.

gidea_park_christ_the _eternal_high_priest_rcT031013_ gidea_park_christ_the _eternal_high_priest_rcT031013_3
gidea_park_christ_the _eternal_high_priest_rcT031013_8
Interior images from 2013 below
gidea_park_christ_the _eternal_high_priest_rcT031013_4 gidea_park_christ_the _eternal_high_priest_rcT031013_6

Corpus Christi, Lowshoe Lane, Collier Row (Roman Catholic)

Designed By W.C. Mangan and built in 1964-65. The interior features a large amount of Goddard & Gibbs stained glass.

St James, Chase Cross Road, Collier Row

A hall/church built 1954-1956 well east of Collier Row town centre.

St Cedd (former), Sims Close, Romford

A hall just outside Romford town centre formerly owned by the Royal Association for Deaf People, which has been used for Anglican worship in the past. By 2019 it had become a day nursery


St Augustine, Birkbeck Road, Romford

Built in 1958 south-west of Romford town centre. The architect seems unrecorded.


St Matthew, Chelmsford Drive, Hornchurch

In suburbia south of the District Line, a hall/church built in 1956.

St Luke, Front lane, Cranham

Constructed in 2002 and designed by John Marsh of MEB Partnership. It replaced a church of 1957 which is shown on a painting in the foyer. Photos from 2013 show the church seated, those from 2020 with the auditorium cleared.


 cranham_st_luke031013_13  cranham_st_luke031013_6
 cranham_st_luke031013_14  cranham_st_luke031013_16
 cranham_st_luke031013_9  cranham_st_luke031013_10