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Sacred Heart of Jesus, Eden Grove, Lower Holloway (Roman Catholic)

Part of the street front and rather hidden away. It is by F.H. Pownall and dates from 1869-70.

holloway_sacred_heart)of_jesus_rc091213_  holloway_sacred_heart)of_jesus_rc091213_1
 holloway_sacred_heart)of_jesus_rc091213_2  holloway_sacred_heart)of_jesus_rc091213_3

St David, Westbourne Road, Lower Holloway

Undergoing rebuilding (first photo taken February 2013) and re-opened in November 2013.  Originally by E.L. Blackburne 1866-1869 and rebuilt after a fire in 1935-36 by T.F. Ford.

islington_former_st_david_barnsbury261012_1 lower_holloway_st_david091213_
 lower_holloway_st_david091213_4  lower_holloway_st_david091213_1

St James, Chillingworth Road, Lower Holloway

Disused church of 1837-38 by Inwood and Clifton. The tower was added in 1850. In 1980-82 flats and recording studios were built inside.