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St William of York, Brockley Park, Forest Hill (Roman Catholic)

On a steeply rising side road off Brockley Rise. It was built in 1905 and has been attributed to  Clement Jackson. Subsequently, Wilfrid Mangan in the 1930s and Williams & Winkley in the 1980s made additions to the building.

Our Lady of Willesden, Acton Lane, Harlesden

Close to All Souls, this is a very large church by Wilfrid C. Mangan dating from 1930-31. A side chapel is the national Marian shrine.


Our Lady of Hal, Arlington Road, Camden Town (Roman Catholic)

Near the centre of Camden, this is a church of 1933 by Wilfrid C. Mangan. It was commissioned by a Belgian order, though it is now an ordinary parish church.


St Mary Magdalen, Athenaeum Road, Whetstone (Roman Catholic)

Just off the High Road in the town centre, it was built in 1958 to designs by W.C. Mangan.


Holy Cross, North Street, Carshalton (Roman Catholic)

A small church next to the Railway bridge, dating from 1933 and by W.C. Mangan.

         carshalton_holy_cross_rc240215_13  carshalton_holy_cross_rc240215_16
 carshalton_holy_cross_rc240215_17 carshalton_holy_cross_rc240215_
 carshalton_holy_cross_rc240215_8  carshalton_holy_cross_rc240215_7
 carshalton_holy_cross_rc240215_1  carshalton_holy_cross_rc240215_5
 carshalton_holy_cross_rc240215_6  carshalton_holy_cross_rc240215_11
 carshalton_holy_cross_rc240215_3  carshalton_holy_cross_rc240215_2

St Teresa of the Child Jesus, Bishopsford Road, Morden (Roman Catholic)

On the St Helier estate, this is a suburban church of 1937 by W.C. Mangan.

  morden_st_therea_of_the_child_of_the_god290115_4  morden_st_therea_of_the_child_of_the_god290115_3
 morden_st_therea_of_the_child_of_the_god290115_2  morden_st_therea_of_the_child_of_the_god290115_1

Our Lady Immaculate, Tolworth (Roman Catholic)

At one end of the town centre, a large basilica of 1956-58 by W.C. Mangan.

tolworth_our_lady_immaculate_rc270214_ tolworth_our_lady_immaculate_rc270214_1
 tolworth_our_lady_immaculate_rc270214_3  tolworth_our_lady_immaculate_rc270214_4
 tolworth_our_lady_immaculate_rc270214_6  tolworth_our_lady_immaculate_rc270214_12
 tolworth_our_lady_immaculate_rc270214_11  tolworth_our_lady_immaculate_rc270214_7

Our Lady and St Joseph, Balls Pond Road, Dalston (Roman Catholic)

By W.C. Mangan and built 1962-64 and set back from the road not far from Kingsland Road in central Dalston.

dalston_our_lady_saint_joseph_rc211113_1         dalston_our_lady_saint_joseph_rc211113_12
 dalston_our_lady_saint_joseph_rc211113_14  dalston_our_lady_saint_joseph_rc211113_5
 dalston_our_lady_saint_joseph_rc211113_9  dalston_our_lady_saint_joseph_rc211113_10
 dalston_our_lady_saint_joseph_rc211113_6  dalston_our_lady_saint_joseph_rc211113_11

Corpus Christi, Lowshoe Lane, Collier Row (Roman Catholic)

Designed By W.C. Mangan and built in 1964-65. The interior features a large amount of Goddard & Gibbs stained glass.

St Francis of Assisi, Grove Cresent Road, Stratford (Roman Catholic)

Just north of the town centre, by E.W. Pugin 1868 with a sanctuary of 1931-32 by W.C. Mangan.

stratford_st_francis_rc230513_  stratford_st_francis_rc230513_2
 stratford_st_francis_rc230513_4 stratford_st_francis_rc230513_1